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The Ultimate Area Rug Size Guide

The right size rug is essential to creating a room that looks well thought out and well decorated. Our complete guide to area rug sizing will help you determine the right rug for your space. Whether it's the focal point of the room or a neutral base to highlight your decor, choosing the right area rug will bring harmony to your interior design. A properly sized area rug can breathe life into a room and unify your furniture and decor. Before you start shopping for rugs, take a moment to assess the size of your room. This will help ensure that the rug is neither too big nor too small for your intended space. Plan ahead and take measurements to...

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Duvet Cover vs. Comforter

Understand & Decide If you have any doubt to distinguish the difference between duvets and comforters, check out this guide to clearly understand the difference and decide what the Best Choice is for you. What is a Duvet?   A duvet is a type of bedding that is a flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, synthetic fibers “down alternative” and the bag has a soft smooth surface. The duvet originated in rural Europe from down feathers because of its effectiveness as a thermal insulator which made it best choice for greater warmth in cold winter nights. Duvet also refers to the insert of duvet covers. Duvets also reduce the complexity of making a bed, as they can be used without...

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