Retro Clock - Duvet Planet
Retro Clock - Duvet Planet
Retro Clock - Duvet Planet
Retro Clock - Duvet Planet
Retro Clock - Duvet Planet

Retro Clock

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This is a vintage Diamond alarm clock from 1970's.It has an English/French flip calendar that changes date automatically as the clock works.It has a retro rectangular shape, a clear glass face, red and metallic gold hard plastic case, shiny metallic gold dial background and red metal front frame.There are two wheels on the right side for setting the date and weekday.This clock is in great vintage condition with no cracks or chips.
-The wind-up clock, the alarm function, and calendar are in good working order.Winding tools, setting knobs and snooze button all exist and work.It has a 4 jewels clock mechanism inside as it is written on the original box.The clock mechanism is made of copper.This clock was made by Diamond clock company in Shanghai China.
-This is a manual winding clock.You have to wind it up yourself every 24-36 hours to keep time accurately.Also, this may not be as accurate as digital clocks, as this may go forward or stay back a couple of minutes a day.
- Size of the clock
Width: 8,6 inches ( 22 cm )
Height: 4,5 inches (11,5 cm)

-I will ship with express shipping, registered airmail with a tracking number.
-This clock weighs 600 grams without packaging

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